Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Gavin's 2nd Birthday Party- pics!

{Happy Birthday, my little Baddabink!}

{We had such a fun time at Gavin's Birthday party! Thank you to everyone who celebrated our little boy's life with us!}

{And thanks to those who helped bake cupcakes, and a BIG thank you to my cuz, Jenny, who helped me decorate all of them!}

{Gavin would have loved his Baby Einstein caterpillar was his favorite part of those movies! I teared up every time I walked by it.}

{Our garden BEFORE...}

{Mommy planting a flower...}

{Big Brother planting a flower...}

{Daddy planting a flower...}

{Big Sister planting a flower...}

{and Baby Sister eating peaches!}

{We got a visit from Boomer the Service Dog...he is a Bull Mastiff and is SO big! He helps carry the oxygen tanks for his pal, Lee, who has Alpha-1. The kids LOVED getting to pet him!!!}

{All the toys donated that night!}

{There will be a LOT more once we use all the cash that was donated...after the wagon is paid for, there will still be $250.00 left for MORE toys!!! We are going to go shopping Monday morning, so there is still time to donate if anyone wants to!}

{Our garden AFTER...}

{Slideshow of everyone else's pictures! Let me know if you'd like copies of any of them and I'll e-mail them to you!}


Lacey.costner said...

it looks like your celebration really turned out wonderful!

Rebecca said...

Looks great! Thanks for letting us be a part of it, no matter how far away!

Anonymous said...

Wow, great pictures of your beautiful family. You have a beautiful spirit and I think that you are a great mom. I wish that I could be half as talented and artistic as you! God bless you and your precious family. My prayers and well wishes are always for you, sweet Gavin and your family.

Melody B. said...

The party was awesome! It really was so fun....just wish your little man could have been there in person. :) It all came together so well, didn't it? All those lists you made helped get the job done. :) You and your lists. :) Love you!

Andrea said...

What an incredible way to celebrate little Gavin's birthday. Happy birthday little guy. I hope Wyatt and Gavin got to go to each others parties in heaven...they are so close in age. Thinking of you Bethany and sending a hug your way. I want you to know I've said a few prayers for you the last couple of weeks. I wish there was more I could do.
Wyatt's mommy

Mhari said...

I think you found the perfect way to celebrate Gavin's memory. A good way to give back and honor him. Your are a wonderful example to me.

larsen family said...

Beautiful, wish I could have been there.

Matt & Staci said...

It was so fun to celebrate his birthday with you & your flower garden looked beautiful when we all left! What a wonderful reminder that you will have just out your front door!