Sunday, September 20, 2009


We have figured out what we would like to do for the 1 Year Anniversary of Gavin's "Angel Day", and for Gavin's 2nd Birthday (only two weeks later). Anyone, and I do mean anyone- friends, family, blogger friends, hospital friends, etc, is invited to help honor our sweet little boy!

Gavin's 1st Angel Day
Tuesday, September 22nd

We are going to plant a tree for Gavin in our front yard, and also green and yellow flowers in our flower bed (Gavin's colors!). We will be starting at 5:00pm and going until 7:00pm-ish. Anyone is welcome to stop by our house, help plant a flower and eat some angel food cake! Just "come and go" me if you need directions. If you are unable to make it, or would like to honor Gavin on your own, too, we are asking those who want to, to plant some green and yellow flowers at your own house. (I would love to get pictures of them in my email!) :)

Gavin's 2nd Birthday
Tuesday, October 6th

We are going to have a birthday party and toy drive for Gavin's 2nd Birthday. 6:00pm-7:00pm, "come and go". Everyone is invited to stop by our house for a birthday cupcake and to drop off an unwrapped toy to be donated to Banner Desert Children's Hospital. They use these toys to give to children during their stay (which is SO appreciated- its so hard keeping kids entertained and happy in those little rooms 24/7, especially when you are there for a week or two!) and then the kids get to take the toy home with them. They also use them for Andrea's Closet, a program started by another AZ family who's little girl passed away of cancer. They have a closet full of toys where the kids get to pick a toy to take home on their last day.

We are also going to be donating a wagon to the children's ward in memory of Gavin (he loved those wagons SO much!), if you'd rather donate a few dollars towards that. I am pretty excited about the wagon...since it has a canopy on the top, the kids will be able to go outside! (I remember always wanting to walk around outside with Gavin, but we never made it past the courtyard because the sun was just too bright and in his eyes). The wagon will cost $145.00, including tax. His paypal account is still open, so donations can be sent online to (Any extra money will go towards purchasing more toys.)

I also wanted to mention that anyone is welcome to visit Gavin's grave whenever...we don't mind if others leave items there for him either. (I don't know that anyone would want to, but I just wanted to say it in case maybe someone ever did?) I know we all loved that little boy. :') You can go to the office at the Mesa Cemetary and ask for a map & directions, or just turn left on row 11 and its towards the end on the right handside, right below my dad's headstone. (there isn't a headstone for Gavin yet, but we're working on it).


nancy said...

what a lovely way to honor gavin... perfect in every way! "inspired." xo

Patricia said...

Lovely Plans, i´m in! (in my garden)