Monday, November 1, 2010

Toys 2010

Can you spot your toy??
The cardboard box Evienne is holding is the portable dvd player we ordered with the cash donated.

We printed these labels to stick on all the toys.

Sarah helped us bring the toys in...she was Gavin's nurse a couple of times and remembered us. 

Thank you so much for all your donations! It was really special for our family to be able to give them to the Children's Hospital. They will help the babies and kids there SO much!

Gavin's 3rd Birthday

 Our Cub Scouts planting Gavin's tree! 
They did such a good job...they even dug the hole all by themselves!

 Yummy cookies...

...and milk!

Halfway to hitting our goal of signing up 15 people to be  registered organ donors.

Everyone who signed up got a green awareness ribbon for Organ Donation.

We hit our goal!!!
All of our Cub Scouts earned their Donor Awareness Patch! :)

All the toys donated!

Gavin's tree with yellow ribbons of remembrance tied on by our family & friends. It is a Flowering Pear and should be covered in white flowers in the Spring.

Thank you to everyone who came to Gavin's Party. It means so much to us. We only have one day a year now to celebrate our little man's life. Sometimes it feels like he was only here for such a short time that no one will remember him. So this is our way of saying he was here, he lived, he mattered and we love him and miss him still.