Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The BEST Kind of Shopping Spree!

We took the kids to buy the toys from the monetary donations...$300 worth! They had SO much fun picking everything out. (so did Andre and I!) ;)

 { SO many toys!! }

 { Our super long receipt!! $300 worth of toys!! }

THANK YOU everyone who donated money!!! Excited to add these to the three baskets of toys waiting at home!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Toys rolling in...

From two laundry baskets FULL of TOYS... THREE laundry baskets FULL of MORE TOYS!!!

Woohoo, keep it up!! Can we make FOUR baskets?!?! ;)

Monday, October 7, 2013

5th Annual Gifts From Gavin Toy Drive!!

Join us in donating a toy to give to Cardon's Children's Hospital in honor of Gavin's 6th birthday (Oct. 6th!) Every year our family uses the money we would have spent for Gavin's birthday to buy toys to donate to the children's hospital where he spent so much time. There are 3 ways to join us!

1) You can bring a new toy by our home anytime in the next two weeks, up until Sunday, October 20th. There is a blue rubbermaid container behind the bench on our front porch to put your toy in, in case we're not home when you stop by!

2) OR you can have a toy shipped to our address: ............... (Amazon free shipping!)

3) OR you can make a monetary donation to our paypal account and we'll add it to our budget for buying toys. We've also had e-mails sent with gift card vouchers to Toys 'R' Us, etc, so that's an easy option, too. (We'll be taking the kids shopping on Saturday the 19th, so make sure to get it in before then!)

Any kind of toys are welcome...big or small!!! The little toys by the check-out register are perfect for playing with in a hospital bed, so don't think a small toy isn't good enough, they are GREAT! Also, baby toys are always needed...any little rattle, teething, or musical toy. Art supplies can be used in the communal craft room. Books are great, too, board or chapter. There are also computers for the kids to play on, so any computer games, especially the younger aged ones, are super fun!

A $1-5 toy can make a HUGE difference for one little kid who has to get yet ANOTHER blood draw. They don't care how big and fancy it is, just the idea of going to the toy closet to pick a prize is enough! It makes such a HUGE difference to them and to their families. I can't tell you how much it helped to have a new toy brought in for Gavin, especially when we were quarantined to his room and he could only play in his crib for days on end. It wasn't just fun for Gavin, it was a sanity saver for his mom and dad!!!

Lot of stores have their annual toy clearance sales right now including Walmart, Frys, and Target. Don't forget to grab one when you are running errands this week! :)