Thursday, October 6, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday, Gavin!

Gavin would be turning 4 years old today! 
Our family met at the cemetery to write messages on balloons and release them up to heaven.


I made him a birthday card and laminated it so it wouldn't get wet. 
They just happened to be watering the lawn that day, but we managed to set up his balloons.

We met back home and had sub sandwiches for lunch.
Some friends stopped by to give us flowers to remember our little guy. :)

It was a really great day...we loved having our family there with us!

 I chose Curious George for the theme of his party this year, because one of the last toys I bought him was a Curious George jack-in-the-box at the hospital gift shop. He only got to play with it for a couple of weeks, but he liked it.  

We had Curious George hats, stickers, blow horns and banana flavored candy for the party favors!

I made chocolate banana cupcakes with chocolate frosting and decorated them with little candy bananas. The best part was the little George figure!

Singing 'Happy Birthday' to my precious son...I miss you, baby!