{ Recipients of a Gift From Gavin! }

Every year our family uses the money we would have spent for Gavin's birthday to buy toys to donate to the hospital where he spent so much time. We look forward to it every year since we know how much a toy can mean to a child stuck in the hospital (and to their parents!)

Our friends and family join us in donating toys and money...each year it has gotten bigger and bigger! We appreciate their love and support in remembering Gavin's life. Our kids
LOVE going shopping for the toys and dropping them off at the hospital, and we love getting to see the nurses who helped and loved our little boy so much.

 If you've received a Gift From Gavin at Cardon's Childrens Hospital, please leave us a comment! We'd love to hear from you! :) We hope that the toy or book brought a little happiness and some smiles to your child while they were in the hospital. Best wishes to your family from all of us! <3

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