Tuesday, November 13, 2012

2012 Gifts From Gavin!

We decided to take a larger portion of donations to buy a Leapster Explorer for the Child Life Specialist to lend out on the children's floor. That will be something they can use over and over for years to come! :) So we ended with 130 toys...plus a Leapster Explorer and two games...equals $300 worth of toys!! Going to take them Cardon's Childers Hospital soon! :-)

 20 friends and family members joined us in our Gifts From Gavin Toy Drive this year! 60 toys (!!) and $195 were donated by them over the course of last week. We'll add our family's donation of $100 to order almost $300 worth of MORE TOYS!!! After they arrive, we'll be taking them all down to the hospital around the first week of November.

We not only met, but FAR exceeded our goal for this year!!! I'm super excited to see how many more toys $300 will purchase. (last year it was 120 total!!! what?! you guys are awesome!! that's DOUBLE the amount of toys!!)

Thanks so much for joining us...it was a super fun week seeing and talking to you all, and our kids loved envisioning the fun the hospital kids will have with these awesome toys!!!

{the donated toys from friends & family!}

{the total toys + toys purchased w/ donations + Leapster & games!!}